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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Embarassing caesura since my last post. But a good excuse- a new daughter has entered Constructoland.  She is most willing to model my latest dye job on an old baby sweater that was knit for her older sister.  The original pale color was most unforgiving to the copious amounts of drool that inevitably come with babies.  Purple is much better.

Here she is!

more posts to come of finished objects. to inspire myself and tantalize you, my patient public : a list of things to photograph and record:
new baby leggings
purple socks
birthday vest
Constructobot vest
Constructobot bonnet
progress on latvian mittens
toddler boot socks
schopenhauer sweater


Blogger Catherine said...

Yeah! Love the "new" purple sweater but love the new daughter even more. Welcome back to blogland!

9:24 PM  

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