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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I bet you thought I wouldn't post, didn't you? Wrong! Both girls are asleep for this microsecond, so I type.

In progress: wool soaker and sweater.

Soaker for Parrot, one of a zillion, but hopefully getting the fit a bit better. I'm trying going from 4s to 5s to 8s, rather than 6s in the middle. I may also try varying the rate of decrease on the flaps, since they seem to flap a bit at the bottom of her butt. Can I do this without it becoming weird? Who knows.

And for me, a sweater! My first sweater for me me me! Started in a furor after Parrot refused her birthday socks (sigh), it goes apace. It is a modified version of a knitty sweater, Vanilla Spice. I'm making the cardigan into a pullover, and I want it to look sort of inside out- I'm going to put all seams poking out, and I'm doing the back in two sections too, to increase the seamage. The arms are shortrowed at the top, but I'm planning on some false seam stitch down the arm.

It is super curly, but the long piece is half of the back. The fabric itself is quite nubbly. I found it, still in skeins, at Savers or all places. I usually recycle sweaters there, but there was this one great haul of yarn, and I pounced.


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