projectmania by quasi-luddites

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Are you ready?

Constructobit is.

Now that she has her own Samsonite! Adventures commence with child-sized luggage. What will we cram in there? Who knows. Lucky for her, Constructobit is now too large to fit within the confines of her suitcase comfortably. Dang!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Detroit Lakes

Yes, Minnesotans are probably bored to tears by the subject of lakes, but to new transplants, their mystique holds strong. Particularly when inlaws have a timeshare on a big ol' lake. Off we went to the 'resort' town of Detroit Lakes, and we stayed on what was undeniably a large body of water. Pretty moon

Then, we walked around in the fall weather until my camera broke and the snows came (in that order).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Purple Pants!

My friend gave me some yummy purple yarn that I instantly transformed into purple pants for Bitbot. Can I tell you the wonder of 3 stitches per inch? What a perfectly ridiculous gauge! Love - it . I smile as I work on other 8 st/inch projects now, knowing how fast I COULD be knitting.
Anyway, here are the pants in progress:

And here they are completed! I loosely used Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby leggings from the Knitter's Almanac. I decided to do ribbing for the bottom of the leg, since wide flaring pant legs let in an interminable amount of sticks and sand. Happily, they do not make the child's legs look like sausages. This pleases Constructobot. I will later post a picture of Bitbot in her pants- they are so dark that the photos I took made her lower body disappear like she was wearing stealthpants.

What else, you say? What else has been constructed in this house? A bib has begun! No more shall Mr. Constructobot gnash his teeth at the inferiority of jersey knit bibs- so disgusting! So slow to dry after gup has been rinsed out! Perhaps others with washing machines in their domiciles simply close their eyes and toss the offending wads, but here in Luddland, it's a long way to laundromat day and you'd best be ready to squish in the sink. Plus we only have two.

Worries begone! One side a stylish oilcloth that will not absorb nasty goo! The other side, a more absorbent seersucker, due to Mr. Constructobot's taunts that food will simply slide off the bib onto Bitbot's pants. (her new knitted pants? horror!) I smugly assented, but am convinced that the latter will not occur, simply because the fabric is too pretty.

In progress:

And yes, in a rush of Luddite fervor, Constructobot did indeed sew on the bias tape by hand. It was much more satisfying.