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Monday, August 20, 2007

Post From Beyond Zardoz!

Yes, knitting has been done. But much more babychasing. Still- at last some finished objects to show

First, wildly belated slipper socks for my mother-in-law

Second, a sweater for Parrot (formerly Constructobit, but now more aptly named), meant for use this coming fall, when she would be a bit larger, but it was finished just in time for a trip to Alaska, where it was needed and used- satisfying! The quote around the bottom is a shortening of "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung", the name of Schopenhauer's life's work. Mr. Constructobot is a philosopher, and studied Schopenhauer, among others. He thought the spirit of the title apt, as it means "The world as will and imagination". If you've ever heard the phrase "will to power", that's Schopenhauer. Glum, kind of a woman-hater, but had cool ideas about the arts and the manifestation of the will. Anyway, time spent with Parrot affirms a manifestation of the will to power, and imagination. The truncated quote on the sweater reads "wille und vorstellung"

Made up mostly, with guesses about raglan depth and whatnot. Buttonholes and buttons added after sweater sewn together on all parts but front raglan seam, then stitches picked up for a few rounds of garter with buttonholes added in, and a collar.