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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Leggings done, vest almost

These have been done for a while- the Zimmerman baby leggings, with some lost rows on the top and sideways placed decreases on the ankle (don't ask me). All in all, they look a bit weird, though the ones I made for Parrot have made it through 2 winters and only now look normal. That's what you get for knitting things waaaay ahead in the fit department. Still, for a 2 month old who likes to be warm, it works fine.

ANd the birthday vest- done and redone, now having pockets put on, since the Parrot put on the vest and sadly shoved her hands into the armpits. Pockets! And, there was icord edging around the whole thing, but I did it at the wrong rate and it pulled in so as to be uncomfortable on the neck. I redid the armpits , but kind of couldn't bear to go round the whole outside again. I'm thinking of making some kind of stand up collar- in garter stitch? I've made the whole dang thing up as I went anyway, so it is only fitting

Monday, February 18, 2008

Green Vest!

Here, I post a less than flattering photo of yours truly, all in the spirit of commemoration. The green vest was indeed finished, and has indeed been worn. Wildly shortened from the original pattern, I think I like it, but have to admit that the style is a bit... matronly. If only I had inherited my mother's gamine figure, and slender chest! Ah well- I am still pleased with it.

The pattern is from Folk Vests, by Cheryl Oberle. It is the Bookworm Vest, and I am still envious of the buttons in the book. Now I'm thinking the long length in the pattern maybe wasn't so dumb, but I had to go against the idea of knitting a long tube down past my butt- how could that look good? I give you an example of what it looks like short. I think there were some gauge changes as well. The yarn was Berroco, 50% wool 50 % alpaca

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Embarassing caesura since my last post. But a good excuse- a new daughter has entered Constructoland.  She is most willing to model my latest dye job on an old baby sweater that was knit for her older sister.  The original pale color was most unforgiving to the copious amounts of drool that inevitably come with babies.  Purple is much better.

Here she is!

more posts to come of finished objects. to inspire myself and tantalize you, my patient public : a list of things to photograph and record:
new baby leggings
purple socks
birthday vest
Constructobot vest
Constructobot bonnet
progress on latvian mittens
toddler boot socks
schopenhauer sweater